Proverbs 31:25 "She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.:

Proverbs 31:25 "She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.:
Proverbs 31:25 "She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come."

Sunday, November 20, 2016

A week in Hope For Tomorrow

Normal surely just a setting on the washer. It is hard to sum up a "normal" 
week. Some weeks we find ourselves in the hospital more visit sick kids, or moms,
or an emergency assistance call. (They might not live in our district, 
but need a tad bit of help, like bottles and formula after the mom passed, 
and a relative in another district is taking the infant to raise) 
But if there is any "normal" I can give you, this would be as close to normal
as I can give you, from this last week. 

Home visits!! We have 10 families, and 17 infants in the program,
but we help the family as a whole. When you start adding in siblings,
or elderly parents, we can get the count pretty up there. This mama, with all
her grandkids. Took in a mentally and physically disabled women who got raped
and pregnant. No one knew she was pregnant till she was ready to deliver.
Now this grandma is raising the baby and taking care of the mom. School is out
so all her grandkids have been hanging out. 

This is another one of our moms, who has taken in an abandoned infant. Actually it
was the baby she took in, that blazed my heart to start this program. She also took
in a neighbor child, who lived with his single mom, who passed from malaria. Her
home is never lacking in activity! 

On days when the moms are in literacy or English class at the office,
we are keeping the others busy, with games, coloring, movies, etc. Friday's
are quiet the busy day around here! 

This is one of our newer families. And this little one makes sure in a family
with eight kids, she knows how to ham it up, to get your full attention! 

Two of our oldest one in our program, but this family we just adore.
With four kids, and the two youngest being twins. Gato and Gakuru couldn't be
any more different. We had to promise Gakuru a lollypop when she came
to the office to let us snap this pic, while Gato wanted to show off
her new dancing skills she learned at church. 

We normally take public transport, and do a lot of walking. Since we live
in the same district in which we serve. But sometimes that can equal up to quiet
the amount of steps! When I use the track my hike on my phone, I can easily
get in 10-12km in a home visit day. 

Another one of our newest moms in our program. On this day, she
wasn't home because she had to be out working. Sabina here, has
given us quiet the scare, and was pretty sick a few weeks back.
And the Dr was not sure if she would survive. We are so glad
to see her doing SO WELL, and starting to gain some weight back. 

In this family we have twins, but mom often sells sugar cane, and is
often gone in the day, so she can make money to provide. Mom wasn't
home that day we showed up for a home visit, as she was off working hard, to
make sure their was dinner on the table and fire wood to cook that dinner. 

Denny and my hubs. We actually fostered Denny and his twin sister Denise in our
home, when the mother had to go to Kigali for more specialized care, and was
abandoned by her entire family. They were so tiny back then. Once they started cereal,
they have found a new love of food! 

Denny's twin sister Denise. 

The scenery that surrounds us on home visits..... just cannot be beat.
Putting in my earbuds, listening to sermons or worship.
You cannot just soak in the goodness of God while wandering through this
beautiful creation! 

We love that we get to minister to the families so personally. Thats our favorite
part of this program. We see them in their homes bi-weekly. We see them in the office
weekly. Once a month we share lunch, and a time of devotion, prayer, and worship.

They are learning SO FAST! We are so so proud of them. I had one of the moms
stop at my house over the weekend just to show me, she could write her kids names!
Literacy is so empowering!!! 

One of the English classes 

And every week after classes the moms leave with the essential 
nutritional support for the infants in our program. 

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Imana iguhe umugisha (God bless you!) 

In Christ, 
Thierry and Tina Ngizwenayo 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Be cool, go to school. . .

Friday was a big day in the program! 
We had our first day of literacy and English classes. 
We had the moms that were done or coming for pick ups to come,
through the back door. We used the spare bedroom as baby/kid center. 

Me and Thierry would stop and smile between our marriage
bible study, as we would hear the moms/dads singing a song to help
them remember the alphabet. 
I almost broke my face grinning when I saw them writing
the alphabet for the first time! 

New doors opened, new hopes were born, 
caged hearts had doors swing wide open, as they 
allowed the Lord to call them out of cages of "cants" 
and "impossibles" 

Kids watched their parents write their first letters, 
and the next generation is learning lessons. 

And this my friends.... is what bravery looks like. 
This is hope. This is empowering. 
We are giving them a boat, a fish pole, some nets, 
and cheering them on from the shores. 
Their ability, resilience, and bravery never ceases
to inspire me like crazy!!

We had a lot of pencils to sharpen!! 
First class of the day!!! Oh by still my heart.
Flora and Bridgette helped us with the little's during the classes.
Gato and Gakuru is easily swayed by lollypops. 
Devote with Emmanuel snuggly on her back as she
colors away. 

Between classes, we did our normal meetings with each mom,
to check up on how the week has gone, address where they are with certain
goals, and for their weekly supplies. Because of this, moms that couldn't
nurse can, and moms who can't nurse, can bottle feed. Abandoned
infants have homes, and moms have help. We adore our sponsors. 

Flora chilling with the mini's during class. 
Nadine is my home girl. Is it bad to admit, that I loved that
she cries with everyone that isn't mom or dad, except me. 

Nap time! 
Laughing at our silly selfies we were taking.
Have I mentioned lately, how much I love being this man's wife.
I am so blessed. 
Learning to write. . . . oh my heart! 

An 11 year old from one of our families getting a little head start
before he starts school for the first time in Jan/Feb. 
Gato and Gakuru mimicking there mama. 
These parents are rocking their classes, for their sweet twins,
Nadine and Nadia, and oldest Jessica. 
Hard at work! 
Our teacher Jean Claude teaching English classes, last class
of the day! 
Jackson is unstoppable. Once this boy learned to crawl, there has been no stopping! 

Babies, Babies, everywhere. 
Our amazing Chantel at home, brought me and Thierry a little pick me up of African Tea.
Moses has been eying our tea and coffee too much lately!!